Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a great alternative, and in many cases, a better alternative, to traditional body work. 

Paintless Dent Repair:

- Requires no fillers, no paint, and no sanding. 

- Maintains your vehicle's factory finish

- Is an effective and inexpensive alternative to getting minor repairs done at a body shop 

- Can usually be completed same-day - often while you wait

- Is covered by many dealership warranty dent plans

- Addresses many different types of dents - from door dings to grocery cart run-ins, basketball bounces to my kid jumped on my roof.

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When hail hits, the team at 1st Call is here to restore your vehicle to its pre-storm condition with our industry-leading hail damage repairs. Getting hail repair services from 1st Call is fast, secure, and satisfaction guaranteed.  


To initiate your hail repair, follow these steps:

  • Contact your auto insurance provider to see if the hail damage repair is covered in your policy. Different insurance companies handle hail claims differently, so follow up with your agent if you do not know where to start the claim process.
  • Take your vehicle to your agency's claim drive, or schedule a field inspection to have the damage appraised. (This can be done at your location or ours.)
  • If possible, get your car washed before taking it for an appraisal. (This will help to get the most accurate appraisal possible.)
  • Tell your adjuster that you are using 1st Call Auto Appearance to make your repairs. 
  • Schedule your repair at our facility in Richardson. Repair times can vary, depending on the severity of the storm and the damage on your vehicle. For light to moderate hail damage repairs should take approximately 1 to 3 days. However, if you have more severe damage that needs to be sent to a body shop for panel replacement and paint work, the repairs may take from 2 to 3 weeks. 
  • We accept endorsed insurance checks, personal checks, cash, and credit card payments - the process is finished! Enjoy a limited lifetime warranty for your hail damage repair through 1st Call. 

To learn more about our hail damage repair process or more about the claim process, call us at 214-415-9359.

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Vinyl car wraps are the latest trend in automotive restyling without the price tag of a full paint job.  Whether you’re looking to add an accent vinyl to customize your vehicle, or wrapping your car to promote your brand or change the color of your car, we are your one-stop shop!  

Benefits to Vinyl Wraps:

- Inexpensive compared to the paint alternative 

- Much shorter turnaround time

- Vehicle wraps protect your paint finish from chips, scratches, and from natural weathering

- Fully customizable

We are here to help you with your vehicle customization project.  With our friendly customer service, in-house design resources, premium 3M or Avery vinyl options, and professional installation, you can trust that your wrap will make the right impression when we are finished with it!

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DFW sunlight blinding you? Come in and let our professional installers help you cut the glare and give you increased privacy in the comfort of your cooler car.  

- Only high-quality tint, so it won’t discolor, bubble, or crack over time 

- Limited lifetime warranty

- Computerized cutting system ensures a precision fit

- Steam removal of old tint prevents scratches to your glass 

- Choose your preferred darkness level 

- Lowers temperature by up to 30 degrees 

- Increased protection for you (and your car's interior) from harmful UV rays

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Rock chips plaguing your otherwise clean car? We can fix that. Have paint or plastic transfer from a minor fender bender or grocery cart collision? We can clean it off. Need more protection in the form of ceramic NANO technology? Let our specialists apply it for you. Don't drive around another day with annoying and unsightly damage to your paint! 

- Small chip touch-up

- Allover paint refresh (call us for details)

- Minor collision paint repair

- Transferred paint removal

- Vinyl and hand-painted pinstripes

- Protective NANO paint coating

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Haven't seen what you're looking for above? We offer a variety of services that are more specialized, either to address less common areas of repair, or to simply take your vehicle's appearance up that extra notch.

- Window and glass replacement

- Headlight restoration

- Wheel repair

- Aftermarket parts ordering and installation

- Trim and weatherstripping replacement and repair

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Don't just endure your car - enjoy it! Old smells, torn upholstery, accumulated build up from daily use, kid messes, and more can all add up to devalue you and your passengers' experience of your vehicle. Make the inside match the outside - schedule your car for some of our specialty interior services.

- Full Detail*

- Surface repairs (leather, cloth, vinyl, plastic, carpet, headliner)

- Glass haze removal

- Odor remediation

- Lease return evaluations 

* Choose from either our Make Ready Detail or our Platinum Detail packages.

- Make Ready includes:

  • Wash/wax exterior
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean all plastic (cup holders, console, dash/gauges, control panels, door pockets)
  • Windows (in/out)
  • Door jams
  • Vacuum trunk
  • Clean wheels/tires
  • Dress tires
  • Clean and dress engine compartment

- Platinum Detail includes all of the above, plus:

  • Clay bar exterior
  • Steam clean spot removal
  • Interior vent cleaning
  • Replace/clean interior air filter
  • Clean wheel drums
  • Fine brush detail exterior badges
  • Hydrophobic windshield treatment
  • Clean/treat weatherstripping

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